An Exuberant ctags file for the Elm language.
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An Exuberant ctags file for the Elm language.

Contributions welcome

The .ctags file currently recognizes functions, constants, ports, types, and type aliases. Contributions are welcome.


  1. Make sure you have Exuberant Ctags installed (Ubuntu: see exuberant-ctags package).
  2. Copy the contents of .ctags to your ctags file or if you do not have one, use .ctags itself. See the ctags manual page for various locations of the ctag configuration file.
  3. Run ctags -R src in your project top-level directory.
    • Assumes that your source code is below src.
    • See ctags manual for many other options.
      • Another example: ctags -R --exclude="*.js" .
  4. Use normal editor commands to interact with ctags.
    • vim: this is native to vim and there are lots of commands - see :help tags. Here are three examples.
      • ctrl-]: jump to definition of function at cursor
      • ctrl-t: jump back
      • g]: list matching tags
  5. Run step 3 again for refresh. (There are ways to automate this that are outside the scope of this project.)

Known issues

See the issues list.

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