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[Under cleaning process] Code for Statistically-motivated Second-order Pooling, ECCV2018
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Statistically-motivated Second-order Pooling (ECCV2018)

Code for our work on ECCV2018. Paper URL:

It is implemented in Keras with Tensorflow as backend.


  • Tensorflow: 1.4.0
  • Keras 2.1.2


The first version of the code is put in snapshot folder, which containing only the implementation of SMSOP structure. You can obtain these by calling get_cov_block(option) function in the

def get_cov_block(cov_branch):
    if cov_branch == 'smsop':
        covariance_block = covariance_block_newn_wv
    elif cov_branch == "smsop-equ":
        covariance_block = covariance_block_pv_equivelent
        raise ValueError('covariance cov_mode not supported')

    return covariance_block
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