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Initial Release of OpenFodder for the Nintendo Switch. Follow the instructions below to enjoy.


Keys Controls
D-Pad or Analog Move Mouse
A or ZR Click
B or ZL Fire
X Speed up cursor
Y Swap alt weapon
Click+Fire Use alt weapon
Plus Pause
Minus Show map preview
Minus+L Decrease window size
Minus+R Increase window size
Plus+Minus Go back


Requires a copy of Cannon Fodder (DOS or Amiga, Amiga files work better)



Download this archive
And extract the contents of OpenFodder/ to /switch/openfodder/ on your Nintendo Switch SD card.

  • [DOS] Copy 'CF_ENG.DAT' from the CD (or the GOG install destination) to the /switch/openfodder/Data/Dos_CD folder.
  • [Amiga] Copy the contents of 'cf_data' into the /switch/openfodder/Data/Amiga directory.
  • Copy openfodder-switch.nro to /switch/openfodder/ and boot the game through the homebrew launcher.
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