A central repository of Haskell Game Programming resources, put together by Keera Studios
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ZuriHac Starters

Here are some pointers to begin with:

  • The board game scaffold is a good starting point for diving into game programming. It contains
    • a game structure description that shows how all our games are structured. Why you should read it? The document will tell you.
    • tasks that can be used as starting points including theory and practice for building your own game.
    • source code and a README to run the board game scaffold.
  • The Wiki of this repository is full of information that hopefully helps you to start to write your own games. Unfortunately many links are broken, so feel free to clean this up or add new documentation (i.e., SDL2 examples---analogous to the existing SDL1 examples) or describe your first steps in writing a game or ...
  • The raindrops example shows the use of wiimote.
  • Haskanoid is one of our android games. It uses functional reactive programming, can be played with various input devices (mouse, wiimote, ...) and can be compiled with SDL1 or SDL2. We added an issue with a list of new game features that you could work on.

Confused? Something is not working? Or do you just want to talk with a Haskell game programmer?

Search me (Christina) and we will sort things out. ;-)

Welcome to the Haskell Game Programming corner, our central place for Haskell Game Programming resources.

This repository contains documents about game programming in Haskell, pointers to books, code, existing projects, companies, etc.

To read the documentation, head to our wiki or select a section below:

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If you would like to use another donation method, please get in touch with Keera Studios.