Automated provisioning of RaspberryPi disk images
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Automated provisioning of RaspberryPi disk images on x86_64


  • CentOS 7, Fedora 24, or Ubuntu 14.04 (might work on other Linux distros as well)
  • Statically linked QEMU user mode emulator for ARM binaries
  • parted and kpartx


Install pi-oven

$ curl -O
$ sudo install oven /usr/bin

Install QEMU

Please note that pi-oven requires a statically linked QEMU with user mode emulation for ARM binaries. If it's available from your package manager:

$ dnf install qemu-user-static

Alternatively, you can download it from this repository.

$ curl -O
$ install qemu-arm-static /usr/bin


Oven is a simple yet flexible tool for customizing RaspberryPi disk images to match your needs.

$ sudo oven [options] src [dst]

If dst is specified, src will not be overwritten and the new disk image will be written to dst. Note that pi-oven requires root privilege because it uses loop mounting and chroot internally.

Available options:

  • -r, --resize [size in MB]: Resize base image before provisioning
  • -s, --script [path to shell script]: Shell script for provisioning
  • -i, --interactive: Interactive mode
  • --bootpart [1-4]: Partition number of the boot partition (default=1)
  • --rootpart [1-4]: Partition number of the root partition (default=2)
  • --qemu [path to qemu]: Path to qemu-arm-static
  • --version: Print version information
  • -h, --help: Show usage


Use ./raspbian-jessie-lite.img as base image. Resize image to 2000MB and provision image by running ./ Save resulting image to ./foo.img.

$ sudo oven -r 2000 -s ./ ./raspbian-jessie-lite.img ./foo.img