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A JavaScript ES5 compliant Class implementation for Browser and NodeJS
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NobleClass is a simple Class implementation inspired by Backbone, but using ES5 features. This means it copies property values such as enumerability and writability across classes. It also has proper prototypal inheritence.

It also comes with a complete EventEmitter implementation, similar to Backbone's, but also borrowing some bits from Node's EventEmitter. It features on, off, once and emit.

It is more comprehensive than a simple util.inherits() in Node, as it allows you to cleanly express additional prototype & static properties, and also inherits static properties from the parent class. The built in EventEmitter is also useful as it offers additional benefits to EventEmitter (explianed later) and works in the browser.

I suppose some of you are asking "Why? There are plenty of decent Class implementations around, even some ES5 ones, even ones with EventEmitters etc". This is true, mostly. But none do it how I wanted to do it. Don't like how I've done it? That's fine, use another, or write your own, or fork mine!


Making new classes is easy. constructor in the prototype will automatically be fired upon class construction.

var Class = require('NobleClass');

AThing = Class.extend({

    someProtoProp: 1,
    anotherProtoProp: 'hi',

    someProtoMethod: function () { /*...*/ }
    anotherProtoMethod: function () { /*...*/ }


AnotherThing = AThing.extend({

    constructor: function () {},

    someProtoMethod: function () {; /*...*/ }

}, {
    staticProperty: true

console.assert(AnotherThing instanceof AThing); // true
console.assert(AThing instanceof Class); // true
console.assert(AThing.prototype.someProtoMethod !== AnotherThing.prototype.someProtoMethod); // true

Each class comes with the on, off, once and emit methods, which can be used like so:

var Class = require('NobleClass');

AnotherThing = Class.extend({

    get name() {
        return this._name;

    set name(value) {
        this.emit('change:name', this._name, value, this);


inst = new AnotherThing();

inst.on('change:name', function (old, new, context) { /*...*/ });
inst.on('all', function () {}); // Fires on all events.
inst.on('off:change:name', function (context) {}) // Fires when the 'change:name' event is `off'ed`'change:name') // Fires the `off:change:name` event and removes all `change:name` events



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