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unofficial PHP bindings for the unreleased Pinterest API
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pinterest.api.php update for changes in auth, make repinning work, etc Mar 17, 2012

basic bindings for Pinterest API.

This is an unofficial API, and likely to change and break at any moment.

You'll need an access token to make API calls. This is accomplished with an XAuth-like call using HTTP Basic Auth over SSL.

$p = new Pinterest_API();
$p->fetch_access_token($client_id, $client_secret, $username, $password);
$resp = $p->some_api_call($args);

Alternately if you already have an access token

$p = new Pinterest_API($access_token);

The only methods I know about are:

  • upload_pin
  • repin
  • boards
  • activity
  • popular

Notably missing is a pin method that simulates the pinmarklet. (that said I haven't looked very hard, so if you find one, let me know)

At the moment the upload_pin method only takes the funny curl style file descriptors. It would be straightforward to make it smarter, but I haven't need it for my script. Call it like so

$resp = $p->upload_pin(array(
    'board' => $board_id,
    'details' => 'another test',
    'image' => "@".realpath('../img/37.jpg')
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