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React app that lets you automate the starting and stopping of music in a Musical Chairs game. DEMO:
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Musical Chairs: Automated

This app lets you automate starting and stopping music in a Musical Chairs game. Music in each round is played for a random amount of seconds between a minimum and maximum amount chosen. You can also choose how long to wait between each round in order to give the players time to remove a player and a chair before the next round starts.


You can use the app at

The animated GIF below shows the app in action, but you won't be able to hear the music unless you go to the above link and try it out.

Musical Chairs: Automated - Animated gif demo

Run Project Locally in Development Mode

  • Run npm install to install dependencies
  • Run npm start to launch the app in development mode
  • Go to localhost:3000 in the browser (Change port # if it used a port other than 3000)

For instructions on how to play the game, click the Instructions link in the top navigation bar of the Musical Chairs: Automated app.

Technologies Used

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