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Plain-Language Website Terms of Service

Be Warned!

Terms of service are contracts, and contracts are prescription-strength legal devices. If you need terms for a contracting relationship, don't be an idiot. Hire a lawyer. A good one will ask good questions. They may decide this form fits your needs.

Do not put confidential information about you, your work, or your clients in issues or pull requests. Do not ask for legal advice on GitHub, or try to disguise requests for legal advice as general questions or hypotheticals. You don't want advice from anybody dumb enough to fall for that.


These terms were prepared with the following in mind:

  • website
  • with user accounts
  • accepts come user-submitted content
  • company based in the USA
  • separate copyright policy
  • separate privacy policy

That does not mean these terms will work for every website meeting those criteria.


These terms are made available under the terms of the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal public domain dedication.