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HtmlView - HTML mail support plug-in for Sylpheed



In this scenario, we assume that we use master version of Sylpheed.

Step 1. build sylpheed

% svn checkout svn:// sylpheed
% cd sylpheed
% ./
% ./configure
% make
% sudo make install

Step 2. build sylpheed-plugin-factory library

% cd plugin
% git clone
% cd sylpheed-plugin-factory
% ./
% ./configure
% make
% sudo make install
% cd -

Step 3. build htmlview plugin

% git clone
% cd sylpheed-htmlview
% ./
% ./configure --enable-webkitgtk
% make
% sudo make install


Click [Tools]-[HtmlView [htmlview]]] menu, then customize preference settings about htmlview plugin.

Note that this plugin requires [Toggle attachment list view with tab] option is enabled.

Check required option by follows:

  1. Click [Configuration]-[Common preferences]
  2. Select [Display] tab
  3. Select [Attachment] tab inside [Display] tab
  4. Confirm [Toggle attachment list view with tab] is enabled

Browse html mail. htmlview plugin automatically renders HTML mail in messageview.


  • Support Windows