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Grails Plugin - AWS Elastic Beanstalk Integration

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This plugin provides Grails integration with the AWS Elastic Beanstalk service.

Features Grails scripts for managing AWS Elastic Beanstalk deployments:

  • aws-eb-deploy: Deploy a WAR file to Elastic Beanstalk
  • aws-eb-stop: Terminate (shut down) a running Elastic Beanstalk environment

Quick Start

See the online Quick Start guide:

User Manual

A detailed user manual is available online:

Additional configuration


grails.plugin.awsElasticBeanstalk.applicationName = 'myApplication'
grails.plugin.awsElasticBeanstalk.environmentName = 'myEnvironment'
grails.plugin.awsElasticBeanstalk.savedConfigurationName = 'default' //TODO is this the same terminology as in the web interface
grails.plugin.awsElasticBeanstalk.systemProperties = ['':'property-value-1', '':'property-value-2']

If the environment 'myEnvironment' does not exist it will be created automatically, the savedConfigurationName property allows to use a saved configuration for the newly created environment. As an alternative to the AWS Credential File described in a previous section, you can configure the authentication directly in your project configuration file. The credentials can be set directly (not recommended) or passed through system properties (recommended).


grails.plugin.awsElasticBeanstalk.accessKey = System.getProperty('BEANSTALK_ACCESS_KEY')
grails.plugin.awsElasticBeanstalk.secretKey = System.getProperty('BEANSTALK_SECRET_KEY')



Contributing and bug reports

Pull requests are appreciated! Please report any bugs or suggestions in the Github issue tracker.


Thanks to:


Maikel Alderhout's Blog

Version History

  • 0.3 - new user manual, default saved configuration, ebextensions folder, jvm and environment properties, custom version label and description
  • 0.2 - add support for alternate regions, add aws-eb-terminate-environment and aws-eb-stop commands
  • 0.1.1 - fix incompatibility issue with Grails 2.2
  • 0.1 - Initial release - deploy WAR to existing EB environment