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A very basic template for proofing type with InDesign.
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A very basic template for proofing type with InDesign. Intended for use with generated sample text from Word-O-Mat.



  • Includes space for basic information so your instructors and mentors know what they are looking at
  • Automatically updates the date and time on print or export so you don’t get confused about what proof you’re reviewing
  • Includes reference glyph section so you can mark all corrections in one place


Comments or suggestions for future versions? Made your own version of the template? Open an issue on GitHub and let me know, or reply to me on Twitter. Thanks!


The MIT License (MIT)

Copyright © 2014–2015 Kenneth Ormandy

Mozilla’s Fira is included in this project under the terms of its license. Examples use the Cooper Hewitt typeface.

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