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+GitHub Reflog v1.4.04
+Welcome to the third edition of **The GitHub Reflog** — the weekly
+chronicle of remarkable GitHub repos and community activity. For
+previous editions, check out
+`The Reflog Archive <>`_.
+Community Update
+Last week, Apple's `MacRuby <>`_ project
+began to officially migrate to GitHub for its development. This
+week, the `Eclipse Foundation <>`_ and
+the `Glasgow Haskell Compiler <>`_ both
+created official GitHub mirrors. GHC even accepts pull requests!
+Welcome, guys!
+Featured Repo of the Week
+`divegeek/uscode <>`_
+This small project from Shawn Willden is simple, but ambitious. It
+is a repository that contains a complete, up-to-date version of the
+United States Code, in the most hacker-friendly format possible:
+version-controlled plaintext. The repo is updated regularly with
+official modifications from the US Federal Government websites.
+Curious to see what modifications were made? Run ``git diff``.
+The purpose of this repo is explore new ideas related to the
+legislation process in the digital age. Check out
+`the readme <>`_ to learn
+Awesome Repo of the Week
+`scoates/owty <>`_
+Sean Coates found a novel use for GitHub this week: comparing beer
+He's using the new
+`image compare views <>`_
+to showcase
+`the difference a little yeast makes <>`_
+in his homebrewed cream ale.
+`|MERGE| <>`_
+Cheers! :sparkles: :beer: :sparkles:
+Remarkable Repos
+- `dotcloud/cloudlets <>`_:
+ This project is awesome. It's a tool for creating small, universal
+ server images under version control. The resulting images can be
+ exported to "any bootable format known to man" for deployment in
+ virtually any environment. Formats include: Xen, KVM, EC2 AMI,
+ Tarballs, and ol' fashioned bootable CDs. Soon, cloudlets will
+ offer support for full VM generation (vmkdk, xen, and qemu) and
+ multi-image stacks. If you're looking to create turn-key server
+ images for your application or platform, this is a great place to
+ start.
+- `josevalim/elixir <>`_:
+ This is a functional language runtime built on top of Erlang. It
+ provides object orientation, a Ruby-esque syntax, and can
+ interoperate seamlessly with standard Erlang code and datatypes.
+ The project is still under development, but already has a large
+ contributor and user base. If you'd like to assist in its
+ development, checkout the
+ `project roadmap <>`_
+ and send a pull request.
+- `ilektrojohn/creepy <>`_:
+ Ever wonder what personal data is floating around the web for the
+ world to see? Checkout creepy. Point it to all of your social
+ network accounts, and it displays a map filled with your past
+ locations. Data is fetched from a number of social APIs and photo
+ services. It even goes as far as to parse Geo-location tags from
+ uploaded image EXIF data. Creepy!
+- `jordansissel/fpm <>`_:
+ This is an interesting project. FPM, "Effing Package Management",
+ takes out all the headaches of creating ``.deb`` and ``.rpm``
+ packages for your own consumption. It allows you to distribute your
+ application in any style and configuration you want, abandoning all
+ distro-specific best practices. The author designed it to be as
+ simple as possible: "Here's my install dir and here are some
+ dependencies; please make a package". This may or may not be a good
+ idea. Give it a try and decide for yourself :)
+Promising Repos
+- `javisantana/ <>`_:
+ This brand new project looks very promising. It's a webapp that
+ provides realtime collaborative sketching. It's essentially
+ Etherpad but for simple drawings. To try it out, open up
+ `The Official GitHub Reflog Whiteboard™ <>`_
+ and start sketching!
+- `atomicobject/objection <>`_:
+ This is an MIT licensed dependency injection framework for iOS and
+ OSX ObjectiveC applications. It strives to be as lightweight, yet
+ flexible, as possible. The project is still fairly young and has a
+ small todo list, so forks are encouraged.
+- `mikeal/spider <>`_: This
+ `node.js <>`_ project is a simple
+ programmatic web spider, powered by jQuery. It has a very small
+ code base (~200 SLOC), yet offers custom user agent strings,
+ connection pools, and memory cache.
+Feedback is appreciated! Send any questions, suggestions, and
+anonymous tips to
+For more open source news, check out
+`The Changelog <>`_ and
+` <>`_.
+.. |MERGE| image::

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