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Merge pull request #364 from schmichael/goodbye-chishop

Switch from Chishop to pypiserver
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2 parents 3c31b3a + 1a52353 commit c69a53da22872276520f67b830cd7b377bac0eb3 @kennethreitz committed
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12 docs/shipping/packaging.rst
@@ -62,12 +62,14 @@ you can still install MyPackage using:
$ pip install
+`Pypiserver <>`_ is a minimal PyPI compatible server.
+It can be used to serve a set of packages to easy_install or pip. It includes helpful
+features like an administrative command (``-U``) which will update all its packages to their
+latest versions found on PyPI.
-`Chishop <>`_ is a simple PyPI server
-written in django which allows you to register/upload with distutils and
-install with easy_install/pip.
S3-Hosted PyPi

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