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👽 Web-based BRSTM player
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Web-based BRSTM player

Just open the demo in modern browser, select .brstm file, and enjoy!

What Is BRSTM?

BRSTM is a file format that contains lossless audio data that's being used for some Nintendo consoles. One of the differences with the usual audio format (MP3, etc) is that this format can contain a loop point, making it suitable for usage in games.

.brstm file is not included in the repository.

Some places to look for BRSTM files:

Browser Requirements

There are no polyfill included in the demo.

Browser needs to support the following features without any vendor prefix:

Developed and tested in Firefox 66


  • WiiBrew, for BRSTM file description.
  • BrawlLib codes, on how to decode BRSTM.

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