Rails 3 template with HTML5 Boilerplate in HAML and SASS, plus other goodies
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This is a fork of a fork of a rails template based on Rails template based on Mike Fischer's greendog-rails-template. :) It also incorporates work from PerfectLine's Template Bucket system. The goal of this fork is to fix bugs and extend the template so that it works better out-of-the-box.

For more information: https://github.com/keo/rails3-template https://github.com/greendog99/greendog-rails-template https://github.com/perfectline/template-bucket


This is just a Rails Template to facilitate the quick set-up of my Rails applications. The main features are:

  • Sets up the compass-html5-boilerplate gem by Peter Gumeson (sporkd). This provides:
  • All templates, stylesheets, and views use haml and sass.
  • Paul Irish's HTML5 Boilerplate for layout and reset.
  • Compass for managing CSS mixins and frameworks.
  • Adds a simple 12-column grid framework from http://www.1kbgrid.com/ (converted to sass).
  • Adds a basic stylesheet with header, nav bar, body, and footer, and styles for flash messages and buttons.
  • Adds a partial to render form error messages.
  • Removes everything to do with Prototype, since the Boilerplate is based on JQuery.
  • Removes unneeded files like the default Rails index.html and image.
  • Adds a Gemfile with commonly needed gems, and some some optional gems available to un-comment when needed.
  • Uses RSpec and factory_girl instead of test-unit.
  • Adds Capybara and Akephalos for integration testing
  • Adds a config/app_config.yml file and corresponding initializer, to facilitate app-specific config settings.
  • Disables timestamped_migrations to make the filenames more usable in TextMate.
  • Sets up a Git repository complete with gitignore list, and commits the entire project.
  • Adds a demos controller and several demo pages to help get started.


  • Rails 3.0 or newer
  • RVM with at least one Ruby installed


Get a copy of the template:

git clone git://github.com/keo/rails3-template.git /tmp/rails3-template

Create a new Rails application as normal, specifying the path to the template script with the -m flag:

rails new appname -m /tmp/rails3-template/template.rb

Start the rails server with rails s and browse to `http://localhost:3000/demos/text.


This section will explain how to use each of the features.

To Do

  • Optionally (based on user interrogation) set up features like devise, paperclip, etc.

See Also


Thanks to others whose work has steered me in the right direction: