Official ruby client interface to the Mixpanel Data API
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Mixpanel Data API Client

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Ruby access to the Mixpanel web analytics tool.

Mixpanel Data API Reference


gem install mixpanel_client

or if you use a Gemfile

gem 'mixpanel_client'


require 'rubygems'
require 'mixpanel_client'

client =
  api_secret: 'changeme'
  timeout: 240    # Default is 60 seconds, increase if you get frequent Net::ReadTimeout errors.

data = client.request(
  event:     'splash features',
  name:      'feature',
  values:    '["uno", "dos"]',
  type:      'unique',
  unit:      'day',
  from_date: '2013-12-1',
  to_date:   '2014-3-1',
  limit:     5

puts data.inspect

# The API also supports passing a time interval rather than an explicit date range
data = client.request(
  event:    'splash features',
  name:     'feature',
  values:   '["uno", "dos"]',
  type:     'unique',
  unit:     'day',
  interval: 7,
  limit:    5

# Use the import API, which allows one to specify a time in the past, unlike the track API.
# note that you need to include your api token in the data. More details at:
data_to_import = {'event' => 'firstLogin', 'properties' => {'distinct_id' => guid, 'time' => time_as_integer_seconds_since_epoch, 'token' => api_token}}
require 'base64' # co-located with the Base64 call below for clarity
encoded_data = Base64.encode64(data_to_import.to_json)
data = client.request('import', {:data => encoded_data, :api_key => api_key})
# data == [1] # => true # you can only import one event at a time


You may also make requests in parallel by passing in the parallel: true option.

require 'rubygems'
require 'mixpanel_client'

client =
  api_secret: 'changeme',
  parallel:   true

first_request = client.request(

second_request = client.request(

third_request = client.request(



puts first_request.response.handled_response
puts second_request.response.handled_response
puts third_request.response.handled_response


List of rake tasks.

rake -T

Run specs.

rake spec

Run external specs.

cp config/mixpanel.template.yml config/mixpanel.yml
vi config/mixpanel.yml
rake spec:externals

Run rubocop and fix offences.




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Copyright (c) 2009+ Keolo Keagy. See license for details.