The Personal Android Training Code

Hello, This is my first github repo. All about Android.Thanks!


  • Async decode online image.
  • Make a memory cache pool to storge image bitmap.
  • ListView "Loading More" Style.


The sample code about onClick and onTouch how to pass the finger event.


The sample code show the audio focus

Displaying Bitmaps Efficiently

BitmapFun: Displaying Bitmaps Efficiently

Learn how to use common techniques to process and load Bitmap objects in a way that keeps your user interface (UI) components responsive and avoids exceeding your application memory limit.


Compare the three different implementations

  • no asynchronous task
  • no bitmap to task association with asynchronous task
  • The final correct version


  • Running in a Background Service
  • Loading Data in the Background
  • Sending Operations to Multiple Threads