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Updating the bundled TinyMCE

  1. Download the new TinyMCE tarball and extract it to your Desktop (or other easily accessible location)

  2. Delete the copy of TinyMCE in the plugin at lib/tiny_mce/assets/tiny_mce (this ensures old/removed files are deleted)

  3. Copy the source files of TinyMCE (not the documentation) to lib/tiny_mce/assets/tiny_mce (so in that folder you should have a tiny_mce.js file)

  4. Update the CHANGELOG_PLUGIN.rdoc to say what you upgraded from, what you upgraded to, and your name

  5. Update CHANGELOG_TINYMCE (simply download and overwrite the contents with that of

  6. Update the 'Bundled TinyMCE version' value at the bottom of README.rdoc

  7. Update lib/tiny_mce/valid_tinymce_options.yml with any new options, or remove old ones, as described in the tinymce changelog

  8. Commit, push, and send pull request to

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