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Tardis stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space. Yes, it is the TARDIS from Dr. Who.

Did I mention the TARDIS looks like a BLEU telephone box. Oops, I meant blue telephone box.

We have switched to use cudnn, updated code will be made available soon.


  • Standard Seq2seq model (we won't update this for now)
  • Seq2seq with attention
  • Fast LSTM/GRU
  • Bilinear/Dot attention mechanism
  • Hard Attention (using REINFORCE update rule)

Code Organization

The code is organized as follow

  • src/core Contains core modules, such as fast LSTM, GRU, MemoryBlock, ... These are building units of more complicated models,
  • src/seq2seq Neural machine translation modules,
  • src/data Data processing scripts, to create/load bitext or monolingual data,
  • src/misc some ultility functions
  • src/tardis search engine, probably should rename to search
  • src/test unit tests


  • Recurrent Memory Networks (in progress)
  • Character LSMT models
  • REINFORCE training NMT (in progress)
  • Efficient padding/bucketting sentences to speed up training


  • Ke Tran
  • Arianna Bisazza


Our implementation utilizes code from the following: