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A tool tool to format lyrics
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Lyrite - a tool to format lyrics

Build Status

What is Lyrite?

A simple web-app to style song lyrics so they are easier to read when jamming. 🎸 🎤

Adding custom lyrics

  1. paste lyrics into the text field.
  2. click "load song"

Editing & styling lyrics

  1. tools are accessible by clicking the quill icon in the top right
  2. directly adjust the font size or number of columns
  3. click the edit button edit lyrics
  4. color the lyrics by clicking one of the colors, then clicking a section of lyrics


The need for this app came from a real-world scenario; jamming with friends and needing an easy to read lyric sheet. Most sites display lyrics in a single column often taking up more than a full page.

With Lyrite you can easily have all lyrics on a single page with columns and font size adjustment. You can also color sections of lyrics making them easier to track visually.


A single page application built with Mithril & Modular-CSS, bundled with Webpack, and hosted on Github Pages. It uses localstorage for saving custom songs.

How to pronounce?

It's a portmanteau of "lyrics" and "write"; Lyrite.

Contributors & Thanks

Kevin Cameron - Most things (dev, design, features)
Neil Hagar - jamming buddy, and sounding board
Eli Scheer - logo, and fonts

Video of styling a song


Video of adding a custom song


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