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CSS CoffeeScript Shell
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.atom Use custom element selector
.bash_profile Humanize file sizes
.ctags Add .gypi extension to CSON language
.gitconfig Add core.editor
.terminal Update .terminal Add .atom/keymap.cson

Kevin Sawicki's dotfiles


  • Install to ~/.ctags
  • Includes support CoffeeScript functions
  • Includes support for Jasmine specs
  • Includes support for Markdown headers
  • Includes support for JSON/CSON key values
  • Includes support for CSS/LESS/SASS selectors


  • Install to ~/.gitconfig
  • List of all available variables is here.


  • Install to ~/.bash_profile


  • Open the Terminal app (Mac OS X only)
  • Select the Terminal > Preferences... menu
  • Select the Settings tab
  • Click the gear icon in the bottom left-hand side under Profiles
  • Select Import...


  • Download Atom
  • Install to ~/.atom/styles.less


  • Download Atom
  • Install to ~/.atom/config.cson


  • Download Atom
  • Install to ~/.atom/keymap.cson
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