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Well, working on this project was a fun ride 🎢! This project has taught me so much about Android, software development and how to collaborate with an online community. It has been my dream to lead a big FOSS project with people from all over the world so a huge thank you goes to everyone that spread the word and helped on GitHub along the way ☺. Unfortunately, I do not have any more time to work on this project - I'm now studying Computer Science at university and I have landed software-dev side jobs, which has taken up any free-time I did have to code on the side.

A special thank you goes to everyone in the Team for their long-term committment to the project and for being so engaged with the community 👏 🎉. The Discord server, website and app store listing will still be up! So don't worry, you can still map your keys to your heart's content. ❤

Key Mapper is a free and open source Android app that can remap your buttons and fingerprint reader gestures. The aim of this project is to allow anyone to map their buttons in any combination to anything.

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🎉 Check out the new website for more information and help! 🎉

How do I contribute?

There are many ways to help with this project. 😃 Check out the contributing guide in the documentation.