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brew tap for Pidgin plugins
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Homebrew Pidgin Plugins

This is a brew for install Pidgin plugins on MacOS. Currently this tap has the following formulas:

  • pidgin-birthday-reminder
  • pidgin-extended-blist-sort
  • pidgin-save-conv-order
  • pidgin-toolbar-shrink
  • pidgin-unhighlight-system-messages
  • pidgin-znc-helper
  • purple-history-since

How to use

$ brew tap kgraefe/pidgin-plugins
$ brew install <formula>

When Pidgin is installed through brew it looks for its plugin only in its own cellar and in the users home directory (~/.purple/plugins). Therefore to use the plugins installed from this tap you must link them into your personal .purple directory:

$ ln -s /usr/local/lib/pidgin ~/.purple/plugins

How to uninstall

$ brew uninstall <formula>
$ brew untap kgraefe/pidgin-plugins


We love patches. ❤️ Please fork the project, do your changes and make a pull request.

We would be especially happy if we could find a clean way to install the plugins so that Pidgin recognizes them automatically.

Additional plugins are very welcomed too.

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