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Implementation of recurrent neural network (RNN) and seq2seq models in Chainer. This repo is inspired by Tal Baumel's cnn (now dynet) seq2seq notebook.

The toy task is learning to reverse a string (i.e. given input "abcde", output "edcba"). Implemented models are:

  • Vanilla multi-layer LSTM RNN model.
  • Vanilla encoder-decoder model.
  • Global-attentional encoder-decoder model (Vinyals et al.)

To run the code, please install Chainer and CuDNN first. Then evoke

$ python

To run with different modes, modify Some notable variables are:

  • DEVICE: the code is set to run on CPU (DEVICE = -1), set DEVICE = 0 to run on single GPU.
  • LARGE: size of the data set.
  • ATTEND: whether to use attention or not.

If there are any problems, email me at