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2048b FM

More Intense

A more intense version of this is 1kilobyte, can be found here: khoin/1kfm

What is this?

This is a FM (PM) synthesizer that runs in your web browser. Its file size is 2048bytes (index.html). You can check out the commented source in uncompressed.html.


  • 6 Operators
  • ADS (Attack, Decay, Sustain) Envelope
  • Theoretical 32-voice polyphony (on my computer, no keyboard events fired after holding down 6 keys)
  • Arbitrary operator routing. Any operators can route to any other operators, even self. They can be carriers and/or modulators.
  • Saving and loading patches
  • C4-A5 keyboard (corresponding to 2 top rows on your keyboard, Q to backslash).


  • Bitmap font 0-9ADSICTO at 160 bytes + 59 bytes (for pixel drawing)
  • Bresenham line drawing at 159 bytes + 59 bytes (for pixel drawing)
  • DSP + keyboard mapping is at 668 bytes
  • The rest: GUI, mouse, patch save/load 754 bytes


  • It is not possible for modulators (that does not go directly to output) to be silent. I did this so that we can skip calculations if an operator have zero volume.
  • No release envelope stage :c
  • No fixed frequency mode.
  • It is not a DX7 emulator :c I first wanted it to be one.
  • On my machine, if you don't have any modulation, it doesn't lag. But if you do, it usually lags out at 3-4 voices. On my machine, it appears that Firefox's script processor isn't as fast.
  • <meta charset=utf8> was added so the GUI would render correctly in Firefox and Edge.

Diagram of parameters

This part assumes you know synthesis concepts. Here's a diagram:


Example Patches


  • Thanks Werner for showing me more efficient way of PM/FM synthesis
  • p01 for such awesome 1k demos that got me into this.


Public Domain.