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Insanely useful local webserver
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The simplest directory serving web server.

The program is written in Go but having the Go compiler installed in not a requirement as the binaries available below are self sufficient.

How to get it

A simple:

go get


brew install kidoman/tools/serve

will get the job done. Also, you can download precompiled releases to place in your /usr/local/bin from:

PS: We should hopefully be in the official brew repo soon. Then a brew install serve will be sufficient.

Platforms supported

Anything you can run a precompiled binary on (i.e. Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, etc.)

How to use

Provided you have serve under your $PATH somewhere:


This will serve the current directory at http://localhost:5000/

serve -p 9999 ~/my-awesome-blog

Will serve the contents of the folder ~/my-awesome-blog at http://localhost:9999/

serve -x /my ~/precious

You guessed it, http://localhost:5000/my is now wired up to ~/precious

serve -o ~/sesame

Wires up http://localhost:5000 to ~/sesame and opens the URL in your favorite browser while it is at it.

Coming soon

  • HTTPS support
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