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feature request: fixed search pane height #306

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I'd love to see an option for a fixed height for the search pane. I prefer to have the top hit show up at the top, but I don't like that position jumping around based on the number of results. I'd like the pane to always be the height of my ctrlp_max_results, even if there are fewer or no results.

Let me know if this is possible and I just missed it in the options; thanks for the very useful plugin.


Would moving the match window to the top of the screen work for you? The top hit won't jump around if the match window is at the top. You can have this by setting g:ctrlp_match_window_bottom to 0.


I second this, as it would allow to achieve the same behavior as pentadactyl completion list, although I'd rather having it working ctrlp's way, so I've just sent a message to the mail list.


I believe the ideal solution would be that, when docked to either the top or the bottom, the search results change height, but they never upset your buffer lines. For the bottom docking, it already works correctly. For the top docking, a results pane of height 10 would need to be shown by adjusting the buffer lines by -10, to give the appearance that the results are "overlayed" in a layer on top of the buffer. Does anyone know how to make this work?

@kien kien closed this in 865368d

thanks, this is great!

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