web application instrumenting JBoss 7 to provide resource metrics to JBison
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web application instrumenting JBoss 7 to provide resource metrics to JBison

  1. Deploy the war file (copy into JBOSS_HOME/standalone/deployments)

  2. Start JBoss

  3. Navigate to to gather metrics for the ExampleDS data source

  4. Deploy another data source (via mysql-ds.xml) and navigate to

  5. Create a JSON monitor in JBison (https://jbison.com) to monitor the metrics exposed by buffalo

More details on my blog http://kijanowski.blogspot.com/2013/02/collecting-monitoring-and-charting.html

It is possible to collect one particular metric of all data sources, for example the number of available connections in the pool: Available parameters are:

  • ActiveCount
  • AvailableCount
  • AverageBlockingTime
  • AverageCreationTime
  • CreatedCount
  • DestroyedCount
  • MaxCreationTime
  • MaxUsedCount
  • MaxWaitTime
  • TimedOut
  • TotalBlockingTime
  • TotalCreationTime

Or the number of Prepared Statement Cache Access: Available parameters are:

  • PreparedStatementCacheAccessCount
  • PreparedStatementCacheAddCount
  • PreparedStatementCacheCurrentSize
  • PreparedStatementCacheDeleteCount
  • PreparedStatementCacheHitCount
  • PreparedStatementCacheMissCount

The JVM memory stats are available at:

The JVM memory pool stats are available at:{name}/{type}

where {name} is:

  • Par_Eden_Space
  • CMS_Old_Gen
  • Par_Survivor_Space
  • CMS_Perm_Gen
  • Code_Cache

where {type} is:

  • collection-usage-threshold
  • collection-usage-threshold-count
  • usage
  • peak-usage
  • collection-usage

The Thread usage metrics are available at:

The http/https connector metrics are available at:

The JMS metrics are available at: