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Extensions for Apache Avro



This library has been merged into Avro, and should no longer be used. Instead, use avro-mapred. This library will not receive any more releases or bug fixes.


Extensions to the Apache Avro project for working with Apache Hadoop. Many of the components in this project have been moved into the Avro project, though this repository serves as a good home for the application-level features not part of the Avro core.


  • - A wrapper around a Hadoop SequenceFile that supports reading and writing Avro data.
  • org.apache.avro.mapreduce - A package for using Avro as input/output records from a Hadoop MapReduce job using the new API.

How to build

To build target/kiji-avro-${project.version}.jar run:

mvn package

Avro versions supported

For avro-1.6.x and earlier, use odiago-avro 1.0.6. (This project used to be called odiago-avro.) As of avro-1.7.0, the kiji-avro project has been included in avro-mapred-1.7.0 as part of Apache Avro's release.

The Apache Avro project is currently only configured to release avro-mapred-1.7.x compiled against CDH3 (Hadoop 0.20). To additionally support CDH4 (Hadoop 2.0), the kiji-avro project maintains only the code that is affected by the changes in Hadoop 2.0. Therefore, there are two branches of kiji-avro code and releases as of v1.0.7:

  • master: kiji-avro-1.0.8-cdh4
  • cdh3: odiago-avro-1.0.7-cdh3
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