🚍 Find public transport departures in the VVO/DVB network from Alfred
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alfred dvb

Monitor public transport in the VVO/DVB network right from within Alfred. Powered by dvbgo.


Download here (click on DVB.v*.alfredworkflow).


  • dvb helmholtz

    Gives you all upcoming connections from Helmholtzstraße.

  • dvb prager in 10

    Gives you all upcoming connections from Prager Straße in 10 minutes. Optional text after the amount of minutes is ignored, so you could also enter dvb prager in 10 minutes if you prefer.

  • dvb albertplatz [3]

    Gives you all upcoming connections from Albertplatz that are serviced by the line 3.

You can of course mix and match time offsets with ... in x and filters with [x] in one query. Whichever comes first should also be completely up to you, just be sure to put time offsets after the name of the stop, e.g. dvb pirnaischer [62] in 10 or dvb hbf in 60 [s3] are valid.

Hitting enter on a connection will schedule a notification to be sent 10 minutes prior to departure. This obviously only works for departures that will depart more than 10 minutes from the current time.


There's two settings you can customize to make this workflow fit your needs even better. Both are editable from within Alfred. Go to the "Workflows" Tab and click on "DVB" in the sidebar. Then select the button to "configure workflow and variables" in the upper right-hand corner. It should look like this: [𝒙]

In the right panel you can now set how many minutes in advance this workflow should send you notifications (especially useful if you need more than the default 10 to reach your stop) and how many results should be displayed (default is 6).


Please report an issue if something isn't working as expected or you have a question/feature request.


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