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user00101010 commented May 26, 2019

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Steps to reproduce

  1. Have Wox Settings set to empty query on open
  2. Open Wox and enter query, for example "cmd"
  3. Press Shift + Enter
  4. Run cmd as admin
  5. Open Wox again, the "Run as administrator" menu is still shown. Need to press escape twice in order to receive an empty query

Expected behavior: On step 4, when opening Wox it sho

elsatch commented Aug 12, 2019

As I was following the tutorials, I discovered that they Keywords screen has changed. Now there are two options for input: "with input as argv", "with input as {query}". The option "with input as argv" is selected by default.

Tutorial is written using "with input as {query}", so initially it doesn't match on the screen. There is no option to choose the Escaping options in the "with input as arg

idpaterson commented Jan 20, 2016

I would like to update the README to feature some real-world use cases where the workflow makes it a lot easier to add tasks than the Wunderlist app itself. Is there a specific type of task you add frequently that is simplified by the workflow? Please share!

For example, if you use a web site that features a countdown timer displayed like "3 days 05 hr 14 min 33 sec" and want to add a reminder ju

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