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PHP client library for Killbill


In order to use the library, you need to:

  1. Require the library via composer: composer require killbill\killbill-client
  2. Point the library to your Killbill instance via the Client::$serverUrl variable ( by default)


The following snippet will create an account:


use \Killbill\Client\Client;
use \Killbill\Client\Tenant;
use \Killbill\Client\Account;

// Killbill server
Client::$serverUrl = 'http://localhost:8080';

// Set these values for your particular tenant
$tenant = new Tenant();

// Unique id for this account
$externalAccountId = uniqid();

// Prepare the account data
$accountData = new Account();
$accountData->setName('Killbill php test');
$accountData->setEmail('test-' . $externalAccountId . '');
$accountData->setAddress1('12 rue des ecoles');
$accountData->setPhone('81 53 26 56');

// Create it
$createdAccount = $accountData->create('pierre', 'PHP_TEST', 'Test for '' . $externalAccountId, $tenant->getTenantHeaders());

Using the client in a non-composer environment

If you want to use the client but are not using Composer (yet), follow these steps:

  • Install composer locally: Instruction
  • Run composer require killbill/killbill-client. This will download the library into the vendor/ folder and create a composer.json and a composer.lock file that define this dependency.
  • Include the auto-generated autoload.php file from the vendor/ folder.
  • You can now use the client like above described.
  • If you don't want to have an additional build step, just check the vendor/ folder into your repository.


The Killbill PHP client uses phpunit as testing framework. Tests can either be run locally using composer test or against a live Killbill instance that is running on using composer test-integration.


The PHP library requires PHP 5.5 or greater with libcurl compiled (e.g. you need the php-curl package on Ubuntu).


Feel free to ask questions on the killbilling-users Google Group.