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MFlisar commented Feb 10, 2018

Bacause of following proguard config

-assumenosideeffects class {
	static *;

I get following warnings:

Note: the configuration specifies that none of the methods of class '' have any side effects
Note: the configuration specifies that none of the methods of class '' have any
a-koka commented Feb 8, 2020

@voltrue2 I think we should add some documentation for the validate method. I'm also happy to submit a PR for this. I'm receiving the following errors sometimes and it is unclear without investigating the code whether this means the request failed or if the receipt is invalid. In my particular case, both of these failures were for valid receipts.

{ Error: read ECONNRESET
    at TLSWrap.
oyeb commented Dec 22, 2017

doctests will help us catch any stale examples in the documentation, in case the examples break due to changes in code.

The following need to be resolved for doctests to work:

  1. The outputs also have to be written down in the documentation
  • Typical response objects are huge (will take up a lot of space).
  • Responses are unique and can't be tested against.
  1. Our examples invoke calls
punchinglikes commented Jun 22, 2018

A friend and i were set on making a script that used a GET request to the end point they provided with me. This will bill me and grab the license from there server. Then it will be handled and set up for the client. But we are currently stuck on the variables. The documentation shows nothing on the variables and its making us frustrated. All we need for now is the variable of the clients email so

Mehonoshin commented Jan 26, 2019

At the moment we have a mandatory process of subscribing every new customer to mailchimp newsletter.
Most probably not all users will want even to have and support this newsletter.

The main idea is to make this job optional, so we run it only if the MailChimp is enabled for this specific configuration.

kinan53 commented Jan 14, 2020

I saw this Project and this is very useful ! but the problem is that there is no guide anywhere which contains detailed instructions of How to install this on a localhost or on XAMPP !
that would be fantastic if someone can help me regarding this ! i see potential in this project.... please make it worth of your hard-work guys ! thanks !

ehuelsmann commented Jan 13, 2019

In various parts of the system, terms are being used interchangeably (while they are not): "Entity Control Code", "Customer Number", "Meta number" and "Account number".

This issue has been filed to log all cases where our UI is inconsistent with respect to these. (Reference to documentation to be added.)

The following steps need to be taken (at least) to create a consistent UI:

  • Re
rmagon commented Feb 12, 2020
  1. Please see the implementation of jwt.strategy.ts
  2. (Optional but good to do) Please also read these articles on nestjs docs:
  3. We need to secure all controllers in the backend by using the AuthGuard as implemented in OrganizationProjectsController
  4. (Optional but good to do) A

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