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Travis build status Code Climate coverage Code Climate maintainability GitHub license Twitter Follow is a project that aims to create a website where you can make a list of your kinks that you can share with friends, the world, or no one but yourself!

this project was started and conceptualized by queer people, for queer people. it is being built from the ground up to be queer-inclusive, always with respectfulness in mind. you won't have to worry about bigotry, objectifying slurs, or tastelessly fetishizing marginalized people.


  1. install python and node.js
  2. clone this repository
  3. install dependencies:
    pip install -r requirements.txt
    npm install
  4. copy kinkgarden/ to kinkgarden/ and delete the first line (from .settings import *)
  5. build the editor:
    npm run build -- --mode=development
    (if you're going to be editing it, use watch instead of build and open a new terminal for the next steps)
  6. set up the database and give yourself an admin account to make local test data:
    python migrate
    python createsuperuser
  7. run the server:
    python runserver

in theory, that should get you going.

we use black and prettier to manage code formatting. you can set up their respective editor integrations if you like, or you can fix everything at once after the fact:

black .
npx prettier --write .