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A command line interface (CLI) for facebook written in javascript(node.js). You can facebook on your terminal.
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Facebook Client Terminal.

A command line interface (CLI) for facebook.
You can facebook in your terminal.


Go to the emulator running in web browser.
Note: running in REPL mode

Practical command example

Note: these commands doesn't work in the above Demo.

Do you want to have a successful career?
Add this command to Cron. (automatically like all your boss's status :P)

node js/cmd.js fql "SELECT status_id FROM status WHERE uid = '#{facebook userid of your boss}' AND NOT(status_id IN (SELECT object_id FROM like WHERE user_id = me() AND object_type = 'status'))" | grep status_id: | awk '{ print $5}' | xargs -I 'status' node js/cmd.js like 'status'

Another example, when you've got a ton of comments after posting something happy, you can use this following command and like all the comments without reading them!

node js/cmd.js "fql SELECT id FROM comment WHERE user_likes = 0 AND object_id='#{post_id}'" | grep id: | awk '{print $5}' | xargs -I 'comment' node js/cmd.js like 'comment'



Copy js/config.json.example to js/config.json and edit this file.

npm update


Read-Eval-Print-Loop (REPL) mode: node js/run.js
Now, you can facebook secretly while pretending to setup MySQL in your terminal. ;)

Just execute a command: node js/cmd.js #{a command you like}
For example, to get your name node js/cmd.js api me fields=name | awk '/- name:/{ { for(i=3;i<NF;i++) printf("%s ",$i) } print($NF) }'

Essential commands

home: get your feed. (synonym for api me/home)

#{object_id}: get the object.

post #{your message}: post your message. (synonym for api me/feed post #{your message})

like #{object_id}: like the object. (synonym for api #{object_id}/likes post)

unlike #{object_id}: unlike the object. (synonym for api #{object_id}/likes delete)

comments #{object_id}: get the comments of the object to the object. (synonym for api #{object_id}/comments)

comment #{object_id} #{your comment}: post the comment. (synonym for api #{object_id}/comments post message=#{your comment})

Low order commands

api #{object} [method] [params]: execute the facebook api.

fql #{fql}: execute the FQL.


you can use the index in the result list of the previous command instead of the object_id.
for example: like #1 instead of like 123456789

Command examples

get the facebook groups you are in: api me/groups

get the feed of the group: api #{object_id}/feed

get the messages from your inbox: api me/inbox

make an event: api events post name=#{name of the event}&start_time=#{start time}

invite your friends to the event: api #{event_id}/invited/#{user_id} post

get the event detail: api #{event_id}

get the events your are invited to: api me/events/not_replied

attend the event: api #{event_id}/attending post

get the notifications: api me/notifications

search friends by name:

fql select uid, name from user where uid in (select uid2 from friend where uid1 = me()) and strpos(lower(name), lower('#{a part of name}')) >= 0

get the comments of the object in reverse chronological order: fql select fromid, username, text from comment where post_id = '#{object_id}' order by time desc

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