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Loggly backend for lager
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This is a Loggly backend for lager which lets you send lager logs to your Loggly account.


Configure a Lager handler like the following:

{lager_loggly_backend, [Identity, Level, MaxRetries, RetryInterval, LogglyUrl]}
  • Identity - The string that all messages get tagged with in Loggly
  • Level - The lager level at which the backend accepts messages (eg. using ‘info’ would send all messages at info level or above into syslog)
  • MaxRetries - The maximum number of retries the backend will do before giving up on Loggly
  • RetryInterval - The interval at which each retry is performed. i.e. Retries 5 and Interval 3 means that it will try a maximum of 5 times with 3 seconds apart
  • LogglyUrl - This is your unique Loggly URL for a given Input

An example might look something like this:

{lager_loggly_backend, [<<"my_id">>, info, 5, 3, ""]}

Refer to Lager’s documentation for futher information on configuring handlers.

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