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Loggly backend for lager
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This is a Loggly backend for lager which lets you send lager logs to your Loggly account.


Configure a Lager handler like the following:

{lager_loggly_backend, [Level, MaxRetries, RetryInterval, LogglyUrl]}
  • Level - The lager level at which the backend accepts messages (eg. using ‘info’ would send all messages at info level or above into syslog)
  • MaxRetries - The maximum number of retries the backend will do before giving up on Loggly
  • RetryInterval - The interval at which each retry is performed. i.e. Retries 5 and Interval 3 means that it will try a maximum of 5 times with 3 seconds apart
  • LogglyUrl - This is your unique Loggly URL for a given Input, including your application specific identity tag

An example might look something like this:

{lager_loggly_backend, [info, 5, 3, ""]}

Refer to Lager’s documentation for further information on configuring handlers.

Upgrade notes

Since the identity tag should be appended directly to the LogglyUrl while accessing the current Loggly API, the previous configuration option Identity was removed.

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