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Kiwix & openZIM software developement monitoring
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Metrics for Kiwix

Kiwix & openZIM software development processes monitoring

We use Grimoirelab to visualise several metrics on Kiwix developement evolution. Data are collected from our Kiwix and openZIM repositories, also called "projects" in Grimoirelab.

Grimoirelab uses Elasticsearch and Kibana to store data and visualise these on web dashboards. To populate effectively this database from several sources (Git, Github, Gitlab, Mediawiki, RSS, Jenkins, Slack ...), Grimoirelab has developed modules to create a toolchain to optimally update data collection. In addition to Elasticsearch, we use an SQL database (MariaDB) to store identities collected from GitHub. All of this is orchestrated with the Grimoire-Sirmordered daemon. We can also use micro-mordered as command line interface to manually update data.

We propose a docker instance based on a docker image provided by Grimoirelab and including Elasticksearch, MariaDB and Kibana (Dockerfile-full).


docker run -p -p -e GITHUB_TOKEN=<your token> -v $(pwd)/logs:/logs -v $(pwd)/es-data:/var/lib/elasticsearch -t kiwix/metrics

Dashboard screenshots

Backlog dashboard CoCom dashboard 1/2 CoCom dashboard 2/2

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