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Rainbow OS

Thierry's own OS.


Rainbow is licensed under the BSD (Simplified) 2-Clause License.

Required tools

To build Rainbow from your existing operating system, the following tools are required (version numbers show what I am using and do not indicate strict requirements):

  • binutils 2.26.1
  • gcc 6.5.0
  • GNU Make 4.1

And finally if you want to run your disk image under an emulator, I use qemu:

  • qemu-system-i386 2.6.50
  • qemu-system-x86_64 2.6.50

Note that at this time I am NOT using cross-compilers. I am using the tools that come with my Linux Mint 18.3 installation. Yon can, of course, use a cross-compiler.

Supported configurations

Machine Firmware Architectures
PC uefi ia32, x86_64


There is a top level Makefile in the root of the project that will automatically create the build directory, build the subprojects and generate a bootable image.

  1. Building with defaults (using the host's toolchain)

  2. Building for a different architecture (using the host's toolchain)

    make ARCH=ia32
    make ARCH=x86_64
  3. Building using a cross-compiler (in which case ARCH will be ignored and determined by calling the cross compiler)

    make CROSS_COMPILE=ia32-elf-
    make CROSS_COMPILE=x86_64-elf-
  4. Create an bootable image

    make image
  5. Run the image in the emulator

    make run