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sleepy-monax commented Apr 23, 2021

This is on hold because of the many bugs in the compiler

The build has received support for C++20 modules and it's now time to port the whole codebase to it.

The battle plan is to first port applications and utilities and then works our way down the dependency chain except everything needed by the kernel and the libc: libsystem, libio, libutils, libjson


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mszoek commented Aug 30, 2021

Write a small daemon in CoreServices that listens to DBus (org.airyx.applicationd) and will help glue Foundation to KDE. This keeps KF dependencies out of Foundation.

Initial methods:
newRecentDocument(itemURL) - store the item URL to KDE's RecentDocuments store
recentDocuments() - return a string list of the item URLs contained in the .desktop files in KDE's

wjhun commented Mar 24, 2021

The virtio_scsi driver enqueues buffers to the eventq but does not actually handle them on completion. The following events could be reported to the driver which require some action to be taken:

  • transport reset: This may occur as a result of hotplug events or a device being reset. Sense codes cannot be relied on when new devices or busses appear, so this event needs to be handled.
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foxcob commented Sep 6, 2021

When remapping the UEFI runtime code and data memory regions, if the the region containing the UEFI SystemTable is remapped, the existing SystemTable struct will continue to keep a pointer to the old physical location and likely result in a crash if accessed again.

A method needs to be provided to construct a new SystemTable from the existing with a new internal virtual addr

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