Create clean modal windows with sleek transitions and a simple API.
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Backbone Modal

Version 1.1.0

Create clean modal windows with sleek transitions and a simple API.


Demo & Documentation

Native alert views are ugly and very limiting; this plugin was designed to replace native alert() and provide additional features commonly needed in apps.

It has been developed with a simple and extensible API to make using modals easy.

Modal defaults to using cutting-edge css3 flexbox for the layout. This can be turned off if you wish to support older browsers. Flexbox ensures the text is nice and sharp.

General Use

var myModal = new Modal({
    title: '',
    msg: '',
    btns: ['ok'],
    theme: 'ios7',
    w: null,
    effect: 1,

Modal Presets

There are several baked in modal types for common actions. Check out the demo


Modal.alert('Title', 'Message')


Modal.warn('Heads up', 'You can‘t do that')



Modal.error('Sorry', 'You are not allowed to perform that action')



Modal.confirm('Confirm', 'Are you sure?', confirmed=>{})

Confirm Delete

Similar to confirm above but will have a red button with a trash icon

Modal.confirmDelete('Delete?', 'Are you sure?', confirmed=>{})


Modal.prompt('Title', 'Message', {
    placeholder: 'Enter value',
    val: 'Prefilled value'
}, val=>{
    console.log('you entered: ', val)

Prompt has some more options available

    okBtn: 'Ok',
    password: false,
    placeholder: 'Enter value...',
    val: '',
    prefix: '',
    suffix: '',
    msgAfter: '',
    pattern: null, // a regex
    h: null, // add height for textarea
    w: null,
    autoFocus: true




Modal.spinner('With a message')
Modal.spinner(false) // closes spinner


All modals have a progress method for displaying a progress bar. Here's an example

let md = Modal.progress('Uploading', '');

// later...
md.progress(10) // 10%
md.progress(23) // 23%
md.progress(84) // 84%


Custom Backbone View

Modal also supports rendering a custom backbone view for the content.

var MyView = Backbone.View.extend({
    className: 'padded', // optional
    render: function(){
        this.$el.html('<p>My modal content here</p>')
        return this
    btnAction: function(){
        console.log('take action on the view')
        // your view will have a reference to the modal (only while the modal is open)
        this.modal&&this.modal.close() // close modal if exists

var myView = new MyView();

new Modal({
    view: myView,
    btns: [
        {label: 'View Action', onClick: 'btnAction'}


    effect: 1, // open/close animation effect
    title: '',
    msg: '',
    headerImg: '',
    icon: '',
    btns: ['close'],
    theme: 'ios7',
    w: null,
    onOpen: null,
    onOpened: null,
    onClose: null,
    onClosed: null,

btns - an array of buttons for the modal

In addition to defining your own buttons, there are a few presets that can be used by string name: close, cancel, dismiss, ok, done.

btns: [
        label: 'Custom button',
        className: 'blue md-close',
        onClick: function(){
            console.log('custom button clicked')

Note: the md-close class will make that button close the modal in addition to calling the onClick method

icon - adds an animated icon to the top of the modal

Expects basic buttons to be installed or a similar CSS icon font installed prefixed with icon-; ex: icon-trash.

new Modal({title: 'Modal Title', icon: 'ok'})
new Modal({title: 'Modal Title', icon: 'trash'})
new Modal({title: 'Modal Title', icon: 'pencil'})


headerImg - creates an image header above your title.

new Modal({
    title: 'Title',
    msg: 'The modal content message',
    headerImg: '',
    w: 400




  • better handling of custom backbone views as content
  • btns onClick can be a string of method name on the custom backbone.view
  • new warn and error styling
  • new headerImg option
  • new icon option


MIT © Kevin Jantzer – Blackstone Publishing