Log data from several different temperature sensors to Adafruit data logging shield
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A temperature logger for an Arduino with data logging shield from Adafruit. Writes temperature data from several different sensors to an SD card with time stamp. I am using a National Semiconductor LM61 analog sensor (part no. LM61BIZ), Vishay 10 kΩ thermistors (part no. NTCLE100E3103GB0), and up to 5 digital 1-wire sensors (either DS18B20 or DS18S20).

By default, the LM61 uses analog pin 1, two 10 kΩ thermistors use analog pins 2 and 3, and the 1-wire bus uses digital pin 7, but these are all changeable. The sketch will detect the number and type of DS18x20 sensors on the 1-wire bus, and whether each is using parasitic power. It gracefully handles plugging/unplugging of sensors, but will not detect new sensors after initialization.

Also includes a Python plotting script which plots both sensors and fills in bad timestamps with linearly interpolated (or extrapolated) times.

Based on code from https://github.com/adafruit/Light-and-Temp-logger.