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I am no longer maintaining this library. Unfortunately, ndb does not and likely never will support Python 3, which I consider a showstopper for any new projects. The Python 3 environment for Google App engine has far less functionality than the Python 2 environment, so much so that it no longer makes sense to use something like GAEStarterKit.

I recommend a development stack of Starlette (perhaps with FastAPI or Python Responder) and Vue.js as a front-end. I think for most true SaaS applications, the days of traditional server-side MVCs are dead.

Once again, I DO NOT RECOMMEND USING GAESTARTERKIT FOR NEW PROJECTS and I am no longer actively maintaining it, though I would consider pull requests and/or a new maintainer if one steps foward.

GAE Starter Kit

GAE Starter Kit is a prepared repository that jumpstarts your Google App Engine project. Built on Flask, right out of the gate, GAE Starter Kit gives you:

Security and user management

  • Authentication via Google users api, email+password, or social login (Facebook, GitHub, etc) via Authomatic.
  • Multi-tenancy built in.
  • CSRF Protection through SeaSurf.
  • Handy method decorators for admin, tenant, or login required pages.

CRUD, Generic Views, and Forms

  • Built with WTForms and WTForms-Appengine. Easily show forms, fully rendered, and connected to ndb models, with no repated code.
  • Automatic client-side form validation via Parsley.js.
  • Server-side form errors displayed in a friendly way.
  • Generic Views (inspired by Django's) that get you started writing basic views quickly.
  • Automatic Admin GUI generation.

Easier Email

  • Log outbound emails and how they were delivered. Especially useful in development.

Includes Useful Defaults

  • Integrated UIKit is a flexible and good-looking HTML5 framework with genuinely useful features.
  • Moment.js and Flask-moment provide easy and good-looking client-wide time/date representation, especially with UIKit's built-in time/date pickers.
  • Notifications fully integrated with flasher come out of the box.


  • Includes Assets built through webassets, but can easily be changed out.
  • Disable any parts you don't want, and most of the framework continues to work as expected.
  • Liberal licensing via Apache License

Using GAE Starter Kit

  1. Clone the repository.
  2. Copy to and edit it as needed.
  3. Install dependencies in lib directory: pip install -t lib -r requirements.txt
  4. Run .
  5. Enjoy

For a sample app, check out the included (and very simple) apps.simplecms app, which is referenced in the installed_apps variable in


If you'd like to use a specific release of GAEStarterKit, check it out specifically. For example, to checkout version 0.2, use:

git checkout tags/v0.2

Rebuilding Assets

GAE Starter Kit comes out of the factory, so to speak, with the static dir fully built out. However, if you find yourself needing to change the static assets, install webassets and any filters you need, and run

$ pip install webassets
$ pip install jsmin
$ pip install cssmin
$ python


Read the basic tutorial on developing with GAE Starter Kit.

License and Atribution

GAE Starter Kit is by Ken Kinder It is distributed under the Apache Public License v2. See LICENSE for details.

GAE Starter Kit includes code from the following Open Source projects:

Each of these components also likely include code from other Open Source projcts.