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🔑KMS_VL_ALL - Smart Activation Script
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KMS_VL_ALL - Smart Activation Script (Version 32)

Supported Volume Products:

see here

office2016 / office 2019
*Office Retail must be converted to Volume first, before it can be activated with KMS.
KMS activation on Windows 7 have a limitation related to SLIC 2.1 and Windows marker

How To Use:

Remove any other KMS solutions.
Temporary suspend Antivirus realtime protection, or exclude the downloaded file and extracted folder from scanning to avoid quarantine.
Extract the downloaded file contents to a simple path without special characters or long spaces.
Administrator rights are require to run the activation script(s).

KMS_VL_ALL offer 3 flavors of activation modes:

Manual mode (without leaving any KMS emulator traces in the system.)

make sure that auto renewal solution is not installed, or remove it
then, just run Activate.cmd

You will have to run Activate.cmd again before the KMS activation period expire(default 180 days).
You can run Activate.cmd anytime during that period to renew the period to the max interval.
If Activate.cmd is accidentally terminated before it completes, run the script again to clean any leftovers.

Auto Renewal mode (the system itself handle and renew activation per schedule.)

first, run the script AutoRenewal-Setup.cmd, press Y to approve the installation
then, just run Activate.cmd

If you use Antivirus software, it is best to exclude this file from scanning protection: C:\Windows\System32\SppExtComObjHook.dll

Online KMS mode:

You may use Activate-Local.cmd for online activation, if you have valid/trusted external KMS host server.

  • edit Activate.cmd with Notepad (or text editor)
  • change External=0 to 1
  • change KMS_IP= to the IP/address of the server
  • save the script, and run it as administrator

Setup Preactivate:

  • To preactivate the system during installation, copy $oem$ folder to sources folder in the installation media (iso/usb).

  • If you already use another setupcomplete.cmd, rename this one to KMS_VL_ALL.cmd or similar name then add a command to run it in your setupcomplete.cmd, example: call KMS_VL_ALL.cmd

  • Use AutoRenewal-Setup.cmd if you want to uninstall the project afterwards.

The included setupcomplete.cmd support the Additional Options described previously, except Unattended Switches. Use AutoRenewal-Setup.cmd if you want to uninstall the project afterwards. In Windows 8 and later, running setupcomplete.cmd is disabled if the default installed key for the edition is OEM Channel.

More help

see ReadMe.html

KMS_VL_ALL - 一个精巧灵活的激活批处理




Activate.cmd是一个自动激活本机所有批量产品的批处理。 它可以单独使用,如果你想用第三方的KMS服务器的话,可以编辑设置External值为1,并填上IP(或者域名)和port(默认1688)。


  • 1、 先右键管理员运行脚本AutoRenewal-Setup.cmd,这是一个带有KMS服务器的hook,会劫持系统的KMS组件,请让杀毒软件放行,输入y安装;如果你需要卸载,只需要再次运行他,输入y卸载。如果您使用防病毒软件,最好从扫描保护中排除此文件: C:\Windows\System32\SppExtComObjHook.dll
  • 2、运行Activate.cmd即可



  • Check-Activation-Status.cmd 是检查激活状态的脚本(使用VBS)。
  • Check-Activation-Status-Alternative.cmd 是检查激活状态的脚本(使用WMI)。
  • $OEM$ 是用于封装系统部署自动激活的文件夹。


  • namazso - SppExtComObjHook, IFEO AVrf custom provider.
  • qad - SppExtComObjPatcher, IFEO Debugger.
  • Mouri_Naruto - SppExtComObjPatcher-DLL
  • os51 - SppExtComObjPatcher ported to MinGW GCC, Retail/MAK checks examples.
  • MasterDisaster - Original script, WMI methods.
  • qewpal - KMS-VL-ALL script.
  • Windows_Addict - suggestions, ideas and documentation help.
  • NormieLyfe - GVLK categorize, Office checks help.
  • rpo, presto1234 - scripting suggestions.
  • Nucleus, Enthousiast, s1ave77, l33tisw00t, LostED, Sajjo and MDL Community for interest, feedback and assistance.
  • abbodi1406 - KMS_VL_ALL-SppExtComObjPatcher-kms

This is a copy from the mydigitallife forum.

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