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A UCI-compliant chess engine with deepening search and lazy SMP evaluation
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Brahma is a UCI/Xboard-compliant chess engine written in C++14.

Engine strength

Brahma is currently in development. This section will be updated once the engine is in alpha.


Board representation

  • Bitboards
  • Fancy magic bitboards for a 4.5s PERFT 6 @ 3.81 GHz (no bulk counting)


  • Lazy SMP (up to 128 threads)
  • Iterative Deepening
  • Fail-Hard Principal Variation Search
  • Transposition Table
    • Zobrist Hashing
    • Two Bucket System
  • Selectivity
    • Adaptive Null Move Pruning
    • Late Move Reductions
    • Futility Pruning
    • Razoring
    • Move Count Based Pruning
    • Check Extensions
    • Singular Extensions
  • Quiescence Search
    • Captures
    • Queen Promotions
    • Checks on the first 3 plies
  • Move Ordering
    • Internal Iterative Deepening
    • Static Exchange Evaluation
    • MVV/LVA to order captures
    • Killer Heuristic (for quiet moves)
    • History Heuristic (for quiet moves)


  • Evaluation Cache
  • Piece-Square Tables
  • King Safety
  • Pawn Structure
  • Mobility
  • SWAR Tapered Evaluation
  • Texel's Tuning Method
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Coordination descent
  • Syzygy tablebase support
  • Basic threat detection and pressure on weak pieces
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