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A collection of Cappuccion vs Cocoa comparison applications
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This is a collection of Cocoa vs Cappuccino comparison applications. Every 'feature folder' contains two the same applications. One for Cocoa, suffixed with -objc; the other Cappuccino suffixed with -objj.


The Cocoa applications should work (on 10.6) without any modification. The Cappuccino applications require a framework directory to function. If you build your own version of the Cappuccino source ($CAPP_BUILD is defined), frameworks can be symlinked using:

capp gen -lf

If you've got a regular Cappuccino distribution the frameworks can be copied using:

capp gen -f


A large part of Cappuccino development is reverse engineering Cocoa behaviors. I used to shy away from testing Cocoa behavior extensively for small issues because it required setting up a completely new Cocoa application.

This project aims to be a collection of as many comparison applications as possible. This will remove the hassle of setting up a completely new project, allowing for easy and quick reference tests.

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