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Releases: kleeja-official/kleeja


11 Apr 20:53
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  • compatibility with m3u files
  • change dashboard box colors
  • fix rtl issue in bootstrap template
  • kleeja new domain is

Enjoy With Kleeja,
Kleeja Team


11 Oct 14:26
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  • fix hiding error messages when updating Kleeja
  • hide "update all" button when there is are updates.
  • fix rewrite URLs
  • new user page that's only for kleeja user system
  • access style path parameter from Kleeja style (for developers)
  • session system fixes


12 Jul 00:29
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  • fixes of windows DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR ,
  • fixes sqlite3 error


07 Jun 02:36
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This release is to fix compatibility issues for those running PHP 7.0 - If you are on PHP 7.1 or 7.2 and you don't have issues, then do not upgrade.

  • fixes compatibility issues on PHP 7.0
  • adds description to plugins store page.
  • fixes issues during plugins update if plugin is disabled.


02 Jun 17:25
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  • add the ability to auto-update kleeja from admin panel with one click!
  • add plugins/styles store (one click download, install and update or even delete)
  • a plugins/styles catalog (any developer can add his/her plugins/styles now)
  • fix fields doesn't have a default value error #104
  • fix e modifier is deprecated #103
  • fix update check redirect error #97
  • improve ban control page #94
  • add the ability to ban by username
  • add support of mkv files #83
  • add support of most known-to-humans timezones #78
  • fix download counter to skip unwanted visits.
  • fix pagination error in user files page
  • fix some issues with some plugins (kj_ftp, for example.)
  • replace Kleeja team page with current github contributors 😇
  • add ability to hide/show widgets in home page of admin panel.
  • fix issues with downloaded persian/arabic filesnames #53
  • fix remember me issue on login page.
  • add solution for hosts running under suexec (by adding define('HAS_SUEXEC', true); to config.php)
  • fix issue with auto-deleting old files feature.
  • removed feature : Uploading from URLs (leech).


20 Jan 20:14
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  • Fixes & improvements:
    • fix kleeja_get_ip_func hook.
    • add traidnt arbah plugin.
    • fix advanced extras plugin where messy content found after uninstalling
    • add bootstrap black style.
    • add dragDrop style (support progressbar & drag and drop feature).
    • add kj_x_sendfile plugin to support x-sendfile header on apache or nginx if supported. (huge impact on performance).
    • add STOP_CAPTCHA constant to stop captcha in all kleeja if needed (add define('STOP_CAPTCHA', true); in the end of config.php file)

Thanks to @MitanOmar


04 Jan 18:21
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  • Fixes & improvements:

    • fixes admin stats #25
    • fixes installation system (javascript & html issues)
    • fixes a bug when a style requires a disabled plugin.
    • improve style system caching.
    • adds a one-click delete all files to users' files page.
    • adds a hint of the ability to use {username} as a folder name (i.e. uploads/{username}).
    • fixes a bug where queue system is not working if website is on maintenance mode.
    • some other improvements for PHP 7+
  • Features (included Plugins):

    • klj_ftp: supports uploading to multiple servers using FTP.
    • advanced_extras: a very advanced replacement for Kleeja extra header and footer (good for ads).
    • rebrandly: supports, where you can shorten your links using your short domain.
    • adfly: add adfly ads to your website.
    • pdf_viewer: add a PDF viewer to your download page.
    • AMP support: make your website SEO friendly by supporting Google AMP format.
    • video_player: let users play videos/audio from download page.
    • traidnt_arbah: supports Traidnt Arbah program for ads.
    • kj_download_speed_limit: set download speed limit for each group.
    • kj_ban_admin: protect admin panel from unwanted login attempts.

Thanks to @munjoob and @MitanOmar.

--- old.

04 Jan 17:58
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Merge branch 'master' of


08 Apr 04:32
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  • New free plugins
    • Sitemaps [SEO]
    • Meta tags [SEO]
    • Recaptcha
  • Fixes
    • Admin Stats not working as expected.
    • Captcha not showing when 'install' folder exists.


12 Jan 13:54
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  • fix bug where 'empty files' error when url uplaoding is on.
  • fix bug where limiting download size is not working.
  • fix bugs where some images in ACP are not shown/missing.
  • you can use {username} in folder name now.
  • only show/validate captcha for login/admin login if GD is installed.
  • fix progress bar (with a style that supports that).

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