A serverless solution to handle url redirects
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A serverless solution to handle url redirects for static sites.


  • ARN to a valid Amazon Certificate Mangager (ACM) certificate that covers your FromDomain name.
  • HostedZoneId of your FromDomain's Route53 record.


  • If you previously used your FromDomain as a CloudFront alias you must remove that before deploying this cloudformation. Domains can only be associated with 1 CloudFront distribution.
  • Ensure you don't have any existing A or AAAA Route53 records for the FromDomain, these will be created for you. If you have prior records the deployment will fail.


  • Run bash run.sh deploy <FromDomain> <ToProtocol> <ToDomain> <HostedZoneId> <AcmArnForFromDomain>
    • For example bash run.sh deploy www.mcgilldevtech.com https mcgilldevtech.com ABC123 arn:aws:acm:us-east-1:123456789012:certificate/abc123 to redirect www to your apex domain (or visa versa).
  • Be patient, deploying the AWS::ApiGateway::DomainName doesn't break and speed records!
  • Hit the FromDomain from your browser and you should be redirected to your ToDomain, including any path.

Swap out deploy with update to run again. delete to tear it all down.

What's happening during all of this?

  • When you enter www.mcgilldevtech.com in your browser Route53 directs you to API Gateway's CloudFront.
  • CloudFront 301's you to https://www.mcgilldevtech.com
  • That URL hits the lambda which pulls off the FromDomain's path, if there is one, and reconstructs the url then 301's clients to that URL. ie. www.mcgilldevtech.com/about goes to https://mcgilldevtech.com/about,..dropping the www and enforcing https