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@github-actions github-actions released this 04 Feb 11:27
· 8 commits to master since this release


v3.0.0 is a major release with a significant number of improvements and fixes.

What's new?

  • The concurrent core or the "engine" is completely re-written. Campaign pausing and cancellations are now near-instant and lossless. Concurrent campaign sending performance has improved significantly. The sent count now accounts for every single message rather than an approximation.
  • Major performance improvements for large databases with the new Settings -> Performance -> Cache slow queries option. On installations with millions of subscribers, enabling this speeds up database queries (retrieving lists, subscribers etc.) by several orders of magnitude. On a production database with ~14 million subscribers, the speed up on the lists page was 2000x, from ~20s to ~10ms.
  • New frontend dependency and build system refactor, speeding the admin pages (and the development build process).
  • Addressed the root cause of mysterious SMTP sending errors that triggered only in certain SMTP environments.
  • New fields for filtering lists, campaigns, subscribers in query APIs.
  • Campaign archives now support “slugs” (clean permalinks) for public URLs instead of UUIDs.
  • Major refactor and cleanup of documentation.
  • F9 shortcut key for campaign and template previews.
  • Many quality-of-life improvements, fixes, and dependency upgrades.

How to upgrade

As always, take a backup of your database before upgrading.


Download the latest binary. Stop and replace the old binary. Run ./listmonk --upgrade. Start the app again.


# cd /directory/with/docker-compose.yml

docker-compose down
docker-compose pull && docker-compose run --rm app ./listmonk --upgrade
docker-compose up -d app db


  • f9120d9 Auto-translate one missing i18n key..
  • 36e39e5 Auto-translate missing i18n scripts.
  • 8939d27 Reformat sl i18n language file.
  • 82894e5 Simplify default e-mail template.
  • dc43e9c Configure Markdown parser to not escape double quotes. Closes #1698.
  • 3103bbc feat: Add Slovenian localization (#1704)
  • d70236c Fix incorrect error message in tx template preview.
  • 2841586 Fix sorting in camapaign analytics view counts.
  • 6cb9982 Add .IndividualTracking to public templates. Closes #1663.
  • 74ef6f5 Add a 'view' link on the lists page. Closes #1674.
  • 7c44eb0 Replace Go easyjson lib.
  • f14df89 Update Go deps.
  • f0a3cbd Remove redundant SMTP test error toast on the admin UI.
  • 45f4ae1 Add performance/query caching docs.
  • 9adc5e7 Refactor navigation and styling in docs.
  • bb1492b Merge branch 'query-performance'
  • 5a3664a Add support for caching slow queries on large databases.
  • a5b06a8 fixed railway icon and spelling bug (#1696)
  • 9e96649 Update schema.sql - change default bounce settings (#1669)
  • 67bc2ce Improve SES bounce processing docs (#1676)
  • 98fa3e0 Update with command to fetch templates from repo (#1677)
  • e42ab9c Bump vite from 5.0.10 to 5.0.12 in /frontend (#1680)
  • 0935e9c Bump follow-redirects from 1.15.3 to 1.15.4 in /frontend (#1664)
  • 4c5df16 Add deploy template for (#1662)
  • 2f487de Log subscriber id/uuid on failed opt-in message push. Closes #1333.
  • 908173c Style the 'fix code' buttn on campaign archive tab.
  • d8ca26e Add a 'template reference' docs link next to campaign editor. Closes #1405.
  • 9109097 Remove incorrect API def from docs. Closes #1658.
  • 7067f05 Update listmonk-simple.service - add optional log file (#1640)
  • 8677151 Merge branch 'slug'
  • 0d319ad Add 'slug' (permalink) support for campaign archives. Closes #1394.
  • 78caa35 fix: add copying campaign object before sending test message (#1659)
  • 3335171 Fix (accidentally) broken migration scripts.
  • 3711bed Fix clipboard copy prop on template form.
  • bd2990f Add F9 shortcut key for toggling campaign and template previews.
  • 234fd11 Fix incorrect label on maintenance UI. Closes #1652.
  • a93031d Make Makefile accept custom build versions from env for dev builds.
  • fa2c840 Rename v2.6.0 migration to v3.0.0, the next major release.
  • a6d55d6 Upgrade smtp-pool lib fixing bad conn state issues.
  • 8add9d6 Merge branch 'fix-campaign-sent'
  • 9a96134 Update +tut & minor changes (#1647)
  • 772476c Add accurate sent count, last sent subscriber tracking on campaigns.
  • 414c5c0 Refactor the core concurrent campaign manager logic.
  • 0c9dc07 Add a ?v=hash cache breaker (that changes on restart) to static assets.
  • a2629c2 Make all ID/UUID labels on the UI onclick -> clipboard copy.
  • b946c33 Fix broken chart components.
  • 2feb1b0 Make the name part in from e-mails optional. Closes #1602.
  • b2a5e37 Fix incorrect form messages on public re-subscription to double opt-in lists. Closes #1638.
  • bce6758 Fix preconfirm option not working on bulk 'select all' subscriber list management. Closes #1646.
  • 0d74619 Make providing name in subscriber creation optional and assign internally. Closes #1630.
  • a9a7156 Scroll TinyMCE richtext editor back to caret on dialog close. Closes #1635.
  • db17fa1 Restore tab selection on campaign page on reload.
  • 49bbf92 Merge branch 'upgrade-frontend'
  • ef77a7e Replace c3js with chart.js for major dep size reduction.
  • f4b2446 Update +logs section (#1641)
  • 9bd7511 Update italian translation (#1644)
  • af8b420 Refactor and upgrade the frontend vue code to work with vite instead of webpack.
  • 51af75c Add subscription status filter to subscriber list query and admin UI.
  • 8f12c03 Fix newly created lists not showing up on other pages automatically. Closes #1589.
  • 01acd38 Add tag/type/optin filter options to lists and campaigns APIs. Closes #1631.
  • c468e7a Upgrade Cypress to latest version.
  • 5d63574 Skip non-existent dirs in --static-dir mode to use default stuffed dirs. Closes #1599.
  • aba7111 Fix default non-stuffed frontend dir path.
  • dd87a10 Addte listmonk-simple.service (#1622)
  • 6a26580 Update
  • 9a30067 Create da.json (Danish translation) (#1628)
  • 80b2537 Bump from 0.15.0 to 0.17.0 (#1632)
  • be62c50 feat: Add from_email to postback struct for sending tx postbacks (#1623)
  • e869f7b Translate to Ukrainian (#1606)
  • b6922b0 Suppress 'no campaign' errors on pixel view registration. Closes #1588.
  • 95dabe5 Update +binary info (#1613)
  • e06d379 Update +tutorials (#1611)
  • 7c99167 Update +changing port (#1607)
  • fa50664 Add i18n Greek translation (#1605)
  • 53eb71a Add 404 HTTP handlers to prevent those requests going to BasicAuth endpoints.
  • 2ce2a11 feat: docker compose use alpine for postgres (#1603)
  • 52ee79b chore: noreferrer for listmonk url in footer (#1601)
  • 524be27 Bump tinymce from 5.10.8 to 5.10.9 in /frontend (#1592)
  • 75befe5 📝🐛 — Fix /api/subscribers/lists doc (#1594)
  • 4577868 chore: remove refs to deprecated io/ioutil (#1593)
  • c59825f Fix broken sorting (lists -> subcount, subscribers -> status) in queries. Closes #1076.
  • 06b4494 Fix incorrect sanitisation of search queries on list/campaign frontend.
  • 82c74cd Bump from 0.6.0 to 0.10.0 (#1580)
  • 4c8c19e Update - update path due to recent install path change (#1581)
  • d439ecf Bump axios from 0.27.2 to 1.6.0 in /frontend (#1587)
  • ef08495 Make the unsub form on opt-in confirmation e-mail open 'manage' by default. Closes #1515.
  • 44d3462 Fix 'confirmed' subscriptions becoming 'unconfirmed' on public form re-signup. Closes #1441.
  • 62be5e2 Fix mysteriously broken frontend build by switching eslint parser dep.
  • 49ec11c Merge branch 'refactor-docs'
  • e8ecdf8 Fix mkdocs links in docs.
  • ff135ec Add 'copy code' button to code snippets in docs.
  • be4be72 Refactor and clean up API Markdown docs.
  • f8a55f8 Fix mkdocs navbar shadow
  • 9e3af91 Update fr.json (#1586)
  • f720e88 Refactor hr style in mkdocs template.
  • b29f565 Fix broken table in campaign doc. Closes #1585.
  • 3641f74 Add missing header field in campaign creation docs. Closes #1561.
  • ccceaa6 Bump @babel/traverse from 7.21.3 to 7.23.2 in /frontend (#1563)
  • c7882bb Bump tinymce from 5.10.7 to 5.10.8 in /frontend (#1564)
  • fd05a6d Update - add cd listmonk (#1576)
  • 06332d5 Update de.json (#1572)
  • 1ebd80c Add Hebrew translation. Closes #1517.
  • 491fab3 Update i18n language files.
  • 764a052 Bump from 0.8.0 to 0.17.0 (#1555)
  • c911aeb Fix attachments being omitted from postback (#1557)
  • 954ed45 Fix incorrect Slovak language code. Closes #1533.
  • a61a9d8 Fix preference management logic to avoid unnecessary DB calls.
  • 99c71a2 fix: update inlang settings (#1529)
  • 82c3c68 Clean root URL of trailing slashes when updating settings.
  • 04e571d Fix file fetch in attachments failing for signed URLs. Closes #1499.
  • 8f2a08b Fix invalid suffix 'd' in timestring string in s3 expiry config.
  • 11f90b2 Fix typo in i18n S3 expiry description.
  • 5af6252 Fix make not picking up semver from git archive builds. Fixes #1380.
  • 717a636 Add Sprig and other tpl functions to static templates as well. Closes #1527.
  • 7019f26 Fix docs for public subscription api (#1522)
  • 9423c74 Docker Multi Arch (esp. ARM) builds: Improving Build File (#1451)
  • 2b95c88 Add Postmark bounce webhook support (refactor #1385) (#1485)
  • e5ac111 Update - instructions not working (#1487)
  • 34d86fc Update (#1494)
  • 5664e5c fix: replace docker-compose with docker compose (#1490)
  • 83c88d7 Escape search query in list search. Closes #1471.
  • 16eeb94 added "tutorials" section and other minor edits (#1444)
  • e317f2c Modify sed flag based on OS. Closes #1474.
  • 25513b8 go: bump to 1.20 (#1479)
  • eefcbc3 Fix hardcoded DB name in 'about' SQL query. Closes #1477.
  • 52a7298 Update (#1468)
  • 6af904d Lowercase email search on UI to match lowercase email index in DB. Closes #1464.
  • 07a9632 Update latest version on homepage.
  • 4b05ab1 Add check for SES 'invalid domain' transient bounces. Closes #1463.
  • e2f1313 Update (#1465)
  • fcdea60 Update (#1466)
  • 2888dcd Update (#1467)