@knightjoel knightjoel released this Jan 24, 2018 · 6 commits to master since this release

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  • The SPARK_TRUSTED_USERS config parameter now supports specifying
    @domain.com to make it easy to whitelist users from an entire organization.
    Eg: SPARK_TRUSTED_USERS = ['@example.com', 'root@example.com']
  • Allow [;:,] as a delimeter between the bot's name and the command in
    @-mention messages. Eg: @bot, show issues
  • New command: hello. The bot will respond with an introduction about itself
    including a list of supported commands. Note the bot will only respond to
    hello if the user is on the list of trusted users.
  • A much better job is done to determine the bot's own name when it receives
    a message via @-mention. This allows the bot to have a more complex name
    and to respond to @-mention commands when there is another user in the room
    with a similar name to the bot.

Install and upgrade guides at https://knightjoel.github.io/zpark/

@knightjoel knightjoel released this Jan 9, 2018 · 31 commits to master since this release

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  • Relays new Zabbix alerts (which are generated from Zabbix events) to Spark
    user(s) and/or room(s).
  • Relays Zabbix "all clear" alerts (which are generated when a recovery
    condition is met) to Spark user(s) and/or room(s).
  • Configure Spark message recipients based on a combination of alert
    severity, time of day, host group, or other arbitrary criteria. eg:
    • Send all alerts to the Spark room "Network Engineers" between 0800-2000 Mon-Fri
    • Send alerts with severity “critical” or higher to engineers Joe, Jill, and Mark 24x7, using their Spark accounts "joe@example.com", "jill@example.com" and "mark@example.com".
  • Immediate notification of alerts. As soon as the bot receives an alert
    from Zabbix, it is immediately sent to Spark; there is no queueing or
    batching of messages.
  • Interrogate information from Zabbix by issuing commands to the bot
    on Spark. Eg, "show status".
  • Decentralized: run the bot on the Zabbix server or on a separate
    server, your choice.

Install and configuration guide at https://knightjoel.github.io/zpark/